Reduce the size of your images and free up space on your hard drive


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Antelope is a very useful tool to reduce the size of your pictures in just seconds. With it you can send pictures via email without having to use third-party services. The tool maintains the original quality of your pictures, so you won't have to worry about lossy compression.

The interface is divided into the basic sections needed to convert your pictures, so in just a glance you'll be able to see the basic info for each file. The main sections include the format of the saved file, its location on your computer or storage device, and the file size before and after conversion, as well as other bits of information.

To start the compression process, you choose a list of elements to transform. You won't have to go one by one: you can convert images in batches, making your job a lot easier. That said, you can't modify the size of each individual image since they'll all be automatically set to the same size. This will help you do everything all at once rather than having to pay attention to the individual files.

All the changes you make to your images will be saved to a folder on the desktop called Antelope, meaning you won't have to search for your updated pictures every time you convert them. This program lets you upload images to websites much faster and attach up to twice as many photos to your emails compared to prior to conversion.
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